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Our Services

Priority Home Care LLC. (PHC) offers services to individuals who want to remain at home but are in need of help with their personal and household care. If you or a loved one are recovering from an injury or illness or are in need of ongoing care, PHC can assist you. Our team services clients of all ages. 

The services we offer can be paid for using Medicaid, Disability, Veteran's Administration, private pay, and special grants. 


Our services are designed to meet our clients' specific needs. Their choice of  shower, tub or bed bath along with skin care and grooming will be delivered by trained caregivers. 


Well balanced meals will be prepared and served. Consideration will be given to individual needs and preferences.


The home environment will be kept neat and clean. Activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting, linen change, client laundry and dishes will be performed on a regular basis.


Safety is maintained by supervision of transfers and ambulation in and around the home with or without assisstive devices.. Socialization, escorting, errands and medication reminders add to the overall safety and well being of the client.

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