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Why Priority Home Care



When limitations of aging, disability, chronic illness or cognitive decline make it challenging for individuals to care for themselves at home, Priority Home Care can help. A trained caregiver improves the quality of life through skilled, hands-on care and compassionate kindness. For many Priority Home Care clients, their caregiver becomes a trusted companion. 


You may be worried about a loved one recovering after surgery or someone who is weak and forgetful. Or, maybe an elderly relative needs a helping hand from time to time.  Priority Home Care  offers personalized care so the individual will be happy and independent in the safety of their home and you will have peace of mind. In order to better assist you,  please complete the form below. 


Employment Info

If interested in becoming a caregiver with Priority Home care, please contact us at 843-782-5550 or by email at We are a drug free work place. 

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